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2-Port VGA Splitter Wall Plate (Plastic) (250MHz) - VS82 (EX-VAT)

2-Port VGA Splitter Wall Plate (Plastic) (250MHz) - VS82 (EX-VAT)

The VS82 Video Splitter duplicates the video signal from an input source (i.e. a computer) and route it to up to 2 display devices (monitors projectors etc.). However, they go beyond being merely duplicators in that they also enhance the video signals over distances up to 30 meters. Furthermore, they can be cascaded three levels to additional ATEN video splitters to support many numerous display devices. And they mount inconspicuously on the wall or out of sight.


 VS82 Diagram


Video Input
Interfaces 1 x HDB-15 Male (Blue)
Max. Distance 1.8 m
Impedance 75 Ώ
Video Output
Interfaces 2 x HDB-15 Female (Blue)
Impedance 75 Ώ
Max. Bandwidth 250 MHz
Max. Resolution Up to 1920 x 1440
Max. Distance Up to 30 m
Connectors 1 x DC Jack
Consumption 9 VDC, 1.35W
Operating Temperature 0-50°C
Storage Temperature -20 - 60°C
Humidity 0 - 80% RH, Non-Condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Plastic
Weight 0.14 kg ( 0.31 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 8.76 x 11.46 x 3.33 cm
(3.45 x 4.51 x 1.31 in.)
Carton Lot 20 pcs