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Energy & DCIM Management Web GUI - eco DC

Energy & DCIM Management Web GUI - eco DC

Energy & DCIM Management Web GUI

ATEN’s eco DC perfectly synergize with NRGence• Energy Intelligence PDUs to provide the mechanisms to optimize your energy needs. eco DC and PDU can measure the Dynamic Rack Cooling Index (RCI) and Return Temperature Index (RTI). This allows data centers to analyze the operational efficiency of equipment versus the cost of cooling in order to better manage power allocation. These indexes have been incorporated into the U.S. Department of Energy DC Pro software tools for data center energy assessments and the Data Center Energy Practitioner program.

Using ATEN’s NRGence• Energy Intelligence PDU and eco DC an administrator’s data center is equipped with real time monitoring measurements and EnPIs analysis that produce reports of power usage PUE RCI and RTI to meet the ISO 50001 requirements. With these critical indexes you can generate customized reports about your data center’s energy usage that include energy saving suggestions. Following these suggestions allows you to optimize energy usage and save energy without harming the IT equipment’s reliability.

Eco DC is the new Web-based GUI that allows users log in to manage and control PDUs through web browser. No additional install or setup needed. Eco DC can run under any platform and OS. Users can easily manage the power consumption of the data center through intuitive interface and graphics.

ATEN’s eco DC is available in a Server and Client version. The Server version offers the full functionalities and is capable of managing the PDUs through SNMP and managing client nodes through TCP/IP. This allows multiple users to log in to the server node and manage PDUs in different authorized zones making distributed PDU management much more efficient under one centralized environment. With the Client version users can log in to a server node to monitor PDU status and control each outlet on the PDUs. Having the eco DC Server and Client version allows data centers to optimize their performance and centralize management with ease.


 eco DC Diagram


Max PDU number 3000
Data Center Layout 45 x 30
Max RACK Number 3000
Max Zone Number N/A
Power Report Data 3 years
Real Time Dashboard Data N/A