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4-Port USB DVI Multi-View KVMP™ Switch - CM1164 (EX-VAT)

4-Port USB DVI Multi-View KVMP™ Switch - CM1164 (EX-VAT)

To improve the operational efficiency of intensive monitoring applications there needs to be a fast and convenient way to view and manage more computers simultaneously permitting faster response times from a single location. The CM1164 4-port USB DVI-D KVMP Control Center charts a revolutionary new direction in KVM switch functionality by combining a 4-port DVI-D switch with a 2-port USB hub and providing the following display modes: Quad View mode which simultaneously displays four digital computers/video sources on a single screen; as well as Picture in Picture mode(Dual Triple or Quad) and Full Screen mode to meet the demands.In addition CM1164 provides Daisy Chain Control (DDC) functionality. A (DCC) port allows a user to connect and control up to four CM1164 units via a single console. This enables the use of only one keyboard/mouse over several computers or another CM1164.This is convenient for growing networks that need to monitor and manage more computers – daisy chain up to four units and switch between up to 16 computers.

With its unique design and innovative features the CM1164 4-port USB DVI-D KVMP Control Center is the right solution for a wide range of practical applications including control rooms monitoring systems and traffic control centers – allowing you to switch seamlessly between four DVI-enabled PCs and share USB peripherals and audio from a multi-view console.


 CM1164 Diagram


Computer Connections 4
Port Selection Front Panel Pushbuttons; Hotkeys;
IR Remote Control;
On-Screen Display (OSD); Mouse
Console Ports 2 x USB Type A Female (Black; rear panel)
1 x Single Link DVI-D Female (White)
2 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green; 1 x front panel,1 x rear panel)
2 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink; 1 x front, 1 x rear)
2 x RJ-45
KVM Ports 4 x USB Type B Female (White)
4 x Single Link DVI-D Female (White)
4 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Green)
4 x Mini Stereo Jack Female (Pink)
Power 1 x IEC320 Jack
USB Hub 2 x USB Type A Female (White; 1 x front panel; 1 x rear panel)
Selected 11 x Pushbuttons
KVM 4 (Orange)
Audio 4 (Green)
USB 4 (Green)
Keyboard / Mouse USB
Video 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (DVI-D)
Scan Interval 1–99 secs. (Default: 5 secs)
Power Consumption 100V/ 6.7 W; 240V/ 13.6 W
Operating Temperature 0-40°C
Storage Temperature -10-60°C
Humidity 0-80% RH, Non-condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Metal
Weight 2.50 kg ( 5.51 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 43.72 x 16.38 x 4.40 cm
(17.21 x 6.45 x 1.73 in.)