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Centralized Management Software - CC2000 3.0

Centralized Management Software - CC2000 3.0

Centralized Management Software

ATEN"s CC2000 3.0 Centralized Management Software provides IT Teams in every industry with a comprehensive solution that enables central management of their IT infrastructure locally and worldwide through a single portal. The software consolidates the management of all ATEN KVM over IP switches serial console servers ATEN PDU and other devices including blade servers and virtual machines for in-band and out-of-band management. The brand new CC2000 3.0 provides a single easy-to-use interface – making system management more efficient and productive.

Featuring concise and intuitive HTML 5-based web interface the CC2000 3.0 delivers a better user experience and advanced usability. By utilizing consolidated data task-based navigation and simplified menus administrators can access configure and manage all of the IT equipments with ease.

The CC2000 3.0 also features a consolidated portal the Dashboard to help IT staff quickly attain a full grasp of all the important information and to complete monitoring tasks with minimal effort and time. The Dashboard displays an at-a-glance overview of device status device events task results online users and licensed nodes usage. With the device status and device events sections administrators can be immediately notified about the condition of the connected devices as well as quickly receiving the generated critical logs. The task results section delivers vital messages about operation success or failure. Administrators can also view details of currently logged-in users and terminate suspicious user sessions. The Dashboard’s enhanced notification functionality helps users to promptly handle issues and fix problems efficiently.

The CC2000 3.0"s patented Panel DynaArray™ mode lets administrators view the output of multiple ports in individual panels on the same screen. The panel configuration can combine the ports from different over-IP KVM devices and give administrators a flexible choice to select which devices they wish to monitor and how the ports appear on the screen. Ports can be accessed and managed simply by clicking on the panel it is displayed in.

The CC2000 3.0 Centralized Management Software uses Primary-Secondary architecture to offer service redundancy. When the Primary CC2000 3.0 server goes down the CC2000 3.0 management system will keep functioning since one of Secondary units can provide the required management services until the Primary unit is back online. This feature ensures that you are able to access all your devices whenever required.

With the help of the CC2000 3.0 users can promptly handle issues and fix problems efficiently. As a secure and centralized system management solution the CC2000 3.0 software meets the requirements of IT administrators in centralized management and easy monitoring putting them in complete control of their data centers server rooms and branch offices wherever they are deployed.


 CC2000 3.0 Diagram


Compatible Appliances
KVM over IP switches KL1108V KL1116V KL1508Ai KL1516Ai KH1508Ai KH1516Ai KN1000 KN1000A KN1108v KN1116v KN1108VA KN1116VA KN2124VA KN2140VA KN4124VA KN4140VA KN1132V KN2116VA KN2132VA KN4116VA KN4132VA KN4164V KN8132V KN8164V KN2116A KN2132 KN4132 CN8000A CN8000 CN8600 CS1708i CS1716i IP8000
Serial console servers SN0148CO SN0132CO SN0116CO SN0108CO SN9116CO SN9108CO SN0148 SN0132 SN0116A SN0108A SN9116 SN9108 SN3101
PE8324 PE8216 PE8208 PE8108 PE7208 PE7108 PE6324 PE6216 PE6208 PE6108 PE5208 PE5108 EC2004 EC1000.
AP79xx AP89xx and AP86xx.
Service processor Dell iDRAC5/6/8 IBM RSA II HP iLO2/3/5 Dell CMC IBM AMM HP OA IPMI IMM.
Virtual Infrastructure VMware vSphere 5.5/6.0/6.5 Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 and Citrix XenServer 6.5.
Authentication & Authorization Supports local user accounts LDAP AD Kerberos RADIUS and TACACS+.
Role-based (Super Administrator System Administrator Device Administrator User Administrator User Auditor) policy for access privilege control.
Import user list (*.csv) to create multiple users at once.
Security AES 256-bit encryption for secure end-to-end node access.
IP or MAC addresses blocking.
Virtual media security blocking.
Configurable failed login attempts and lockout.
Support certificate signed from third-party authorities (CA).
Secure web connection with TLS v1.2 and RSA 2048-bit certificates.
Strong user password authentication.
Configurable user session timeout.
Network Protocol & IP Tools IPv4/IPv6 RDP VNC SSH and Telnet.
Viewer JavaClient (JNLP).
WinClient (ActiveX).
Mouse DynaSync.
Panel array mode (up to 64 KVM ports).
Virtual media.
Exit macro support.
Notification SMTP.
SNMP (v1 v2c v3).
System message.
Task scheduling CC2000 database backup.
CC2000 configuration backup.
Device firmware upgrade.
Export system logs.
Export device logs.
Export serial console server logs.
Power on/off control on ATEN PDU.
Logs System logs.
Device logs.
Serial console server logs.
SNMP traps.
Activity report.
Server Redundancy Primary/secondary architecture.
1 primary with maximum 31 secondary servers.
Supported OS Windows: 7 or later server 2008 or server 2013
Linux: Redhat Enterprise v7 SUSE Enterprise 9 & 10 Ubuntu 15.10 Debian 8.2 Fedora 23 OpenSUSE 13.1 CentOS 7
*JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) 8 or higher is required in above OS.
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer (10 or later) Chrome (56 or later) Firefox (60 or later).
Multilingual Support English 繁體中文 简体中文 日本語 한국어 Française Español Português Deutsch Pусский.
Others Dashboard
Online user management.
NTP (Network Time Protocol).
Basic (free) 1 Primary/16 Nodes.
USB License Options CC2000TN (Tiny Pack: 1 Primary/32 Nodes).
CC2000XL (Extra Lite Pack: 1 Primary 64 Nodes).
CC2000LE (Lite Pack: 1 Primary 128 Nodes).
CC2000LS (Lite Plus Pack: 1 Primary 256 Nodes).
CC2000SD (Standard Pack: 1 Primary/1 Secondary 512 Nodes).
CC2000PS (Plus Pack: 1 Primary/5 Secondary 2048 Nodes).
CC2000PM (Premium Pack: 1 Primary/9 Secondary 5120 Nodes).
CC2000PL (Platinum Pack: 1 Primary/15 Secondary Unlimited Nodes).
CC2000MX (Maximum Pack: 1 Primary/31 Secondary Unlimited Nodes).
System Add-ons CCS1 (Add-on 1 Secondary Server License).
CCN1 (Add-on 1 Node License).
CCN10 (Add-on 10 Nodes License).
CCN50 (Add-on 50 Nodes License).
CCN100 (Add-on 100 Nodes License).
CCN500 (Add-on 500 Nodes License).
CCN1000 (Add-on 1000 Nodes License).
CCN10000 (Add-on 10000 Nodes License).
CCNU (Add-on unlimited Nodes License).
Minimum Hardware Requirements CPU: Pentium 4 2.60 GHz or higher
Memory: 1GB
Hard drive: 500MB or more free space
Ethernet: Giga LAN
Package Contents 1x CC2000 USB License Key
1x Software CD