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8-Channel Digital I/O Expansion Box - VK258

8-Channel Digital I/O Expansion Box - VK258

8-Channel Digital I/O Expansion Box

The VK258 8-Channel Digital I/O Expansion Box provides an additional eight channels of digital input/output for a flexible expansion of the ATEN Control System. This allows users to control more digital I/O devices such as various sensors dry contact devices PCs and motor-driven devices in environments where more devices need to be centrally controlled. With the advantage of the Ethernet-based connection the expansion box easily connects to the ATEN Controller via a LAN connection from different locations across a network.


 VK258 Diagram


I/O • 8 x Programmable Digital Input / Output Channel
(8 x 2-Pole Terminal Block Connector)
Digital Input:
– VDC Mode
Input Voltage Range: 0 to 24 VDC
Programmable Range: 1 to 24 VDC
– Dry Contact Mode
Pull-up 2k ohms to +12 VDC
Digital Output:
300 mA sink from 24 VDC
Ethernet • 1 x RJ-45 Female 10/100Base-T
• Supported Protocol: ARP ICMP TCP/IP DHCP HTTPS SSH
• DHCP-enabled. The following default IP settings will be used if no IP is assigned within 30 seconds:
Subnet Mask:
Controller ID 1 x 16-segment Switch
Expander ID 1 x 8-segment Switch
Reset Button 1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
USB 1 x USB Type A (Firmware upgrade only)
Power Consumption DC5V:2.2W:36BTU
Output 12 VDC 300 mA
Operating Temperature 0 – 50°C
Storage Temperature –20 – 60°C
Humidity 0 - 80% RH Non-Condensing
Physical Properties
Housing Metal
Weight 0.46 kg ( 1.01 lb )
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.00 x 7.58 x 4.20 cm
(5.12 x 2.98 x 1.65 in.)